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The capacity of trading using 4 expert advisors simultaneously makes IvyBot a unique forex robot. The objective is to use a distinctive set of trading systems for each individual currency, that will help you get a more valuable winning rate.

It means you will have a different EA for any of these 4 currency pairs : EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, USD/CHF. Its developers claim you will acquire a 94% success rate by using their product.

The following variables are used as a combination for their advanced trading algorithm : Weighted price action, market liquidity, volatility, trend analysis, technical price patterns and forward projection scanning.

IvyBot can be the key to your success

This software will get you an average of 95 wins out of 100 trades. Led by Byron, there is a team of no less than 5 professionals behind this product. John & Todd are seen as mathematics geniuses while Max and Sam are considered excellent software programmers.

The IvyBot strategy is based on many years of trading research, lots of tests and development. It is a fully automated system that comes with a valid solution for people looking to trade the Forex Market without any human intervention.

IvyBot Forex Robot

What else does IvyBot offer ? Let’s see:

  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Works with the MetaTrader4 trading platform.
  • Free scalper settings.
  • 3 step by step videos on how to install it.
  • An average profit target of around 15 – 100 pips.
  • Lots of Free Bonuses.

IvyBot is specialized at 1Hr timeframe trading and focuses on shorting which means it will only make around 3-10 trades a week on average. That’s nothing to worry about, this tool trades at a low frequency but with a high accuracy winning rate.

The software comes with easily adjustable settings which means you can increase the trading frequency whenever you decide to. However, we recommend keeping the original settings as an increased frequency may have a negative impact on your success rate.

IvyBot has a very user-friendly interface and it comes with an easy to download and install program. You can also give it a try on a forex practice account before deciding to use it on a live real money account.

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