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Forex NoNameBot trades using the EUR/CHF currency pair on 15 minute chart. It is the only robot created by a woman that had the courage to stand up and take her deserved place in this men dominated world.

The developer of this robot claims it “beats the pants off” any other forex automated system available to the market today. Juliya is no newbie to the forex business and she has properly equipped this program to outreach customer expectations.

This tool has a background of more than 15 years of experience and many back-tests. Before being released to the public the system behind it has generated lots of profits to its creator.

Forex NoNameBot is the key to your success

Let’s take a look at what technologies are implemented inside this software :

- The Apai Technology , which can determine price movements and market changes through its price action analysis algorithm.

- The HS (Highly Sensitive) algorithms that understand when the market approaches extreme levels, crucial market turning points and when the initial trend comes back.

- Currency Correlations Analyzer that takes advantage of its capacity of identifying periods of week or strong correlation between different currency pairs and sharpens accuracy.

- Exclusive OWL Tech which is a money management system that can change lot sizes in real-time to raise profits and reduce losses.

Finally, it incorporates an Email Notification Technology that will always keep you updated on the robot activity.

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What else does Forex NoNameBot offer ? Let’s see :

  • Works with the MetaTrader4 and 5 trading platform.
  • Trades 24/5 in any market condition.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Personal Customer Support from the developer.
  • Broker Stealth Mode.
  • Requires no human intervention at all.

Forex NoNameBot has a very user-friendly interface and most part of the effort you must put in to make it work consists of downloading it, quickly reading the manual and installing it. After that he will do his job 100% automatically and bring in constant profits.

If you are not ready to trade using Forex NoNameBot right after you got it installed on your computer, you can do some tests with a practice account and see what are the benefits. When you decide to use it on a real-money account there is no need for a huge investment, you can start with as low as 100$ .

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