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Forex Autopilot is part of the first commercial forex trading robots. It’s a bestseller and has matured into a very popular trading system, as featured on NBC, Business Week and CBS News.

This Expert Advisor can trade using any of the popular currency pairs but we recommend EUR/USD since it is highly optimized for that. Its performance is affected by the broker price feeds so you must choose a highly reputed one.

Beside the Forex EA software you will find set-up instructions and a detailed system manual in the Forex Autopilot package. This tool is pretty easy to download and install on your personal computer.

Forex Autopilot can be the key to your success

This automated forex system takes about 3 to 5 daily trades. Based on other users experience and many backtests it will maintain a profit ratio of around 96% . That is much better than what most of the similar forex robots available on the market can offer.

Once you have set it up, Forex Automoney will connect to your broker account and will start trading instantaneously based on the pricefeeds of the broker. You can let it work entirely on autopilot but we recommend that you follow the manual precisely.

Forex Autopilot Robot

What else does Forex Autopilot offer? Let’s see:

  • Works with the MetaTrader4 trading platform.
  • An advanced forex trading guide.
  • Works on multiple currency pairs.
  • 24/7 award winning customer support available.
  • “Non Farm Payroll Robot” and “Ultra Trend Indicator” as bonuses.
  • Requires no previous forex knowledge.

Forex Autopilot will work with any forex broker you choose that supports the MetaTrader platform. You can use it to trade with a real-money account, test it on a practice account or you can set it up to provide you only the signals rather than making trades.

This software has a very user-friendly interface and once you finished setting it up it will start trading and bringing you profits without any further assistance. Another great thing about this program is that it’s one of the cheapest automated systems available in the forex market.

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