I have started trading forex more than 10 years ago. Since that moment, the forex market has been constantly growing along with the forex brokers number. As you might already know, this business success is based on mainly 3 things, a very good strategy, a good forex broker and patience mixed with creativity.

eToro Broker

eToro might be the key to your success

The reason for which I wrote this eToro Review is that they are one of the good guys I talked about earlier. Their platform, as you’ll see is one of the easiest to use out there with a 100% user friendly interface.

The eToro website is very clear and traders don’t find a hard time looking for the information they need. The simplicity of trading with eToro and their transparency makes them one of the best places to invest.

eToro gives you the chance to choose between using their online web-based platform or directly downloading their software to your computer, which makes it more suitable for everyone’s needs.

eToro Trading Platform

What else does eToro offer ? Let’s see :

  • The possibility to try their platform using a practice account.
  • Start trading for real money with a minimum investment, only 50$.
  • An exclusive social trading network which will connect you with over 1 million eToro traders.
  • A free eCourse which will provide you the tools to get you from zero to pro trading.
  • The highest maximum leverage .. 400:1.
  • Every investor gets dedicated help and support, excellent customer support.

Also, funding your account couldn’t be easier.. they support Paypal, standard credit cards, Neteller, wire transfer, Western Union transfer, Money Gram and WebMoney .

From my experience they are one of the best brokers around and I think they have to offer much more than what actually people think and know. It’s suited both for novice traders who are looking to get into financial trading and for experts.

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Caesar L.

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