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Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots

Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Author : Rob Casey

Tons of Forex investors are familiar with the various trading automation platforms. These are also known as Forex Robots. There are plenty of them available on the market, and their efficacy has been questioned by many while others still assert these bots have been their salvation in Forex.

In this straightforward “Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots” review, we’ll explore the basic design of this guide, and whether or not it can back up the claims many customers make about it.

Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots – The key to your success

The bots are one thing, but the strength of the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots is mainly contained in how you can leverage ANY success you experiences with any particular bot. We don’t like to give away the farm, but the idea here is to take your success, and effectively rent it out to other users for a fee.

You might be asking, if I’m having success, why wouldn’t I just pump more money into my own Forex bots, and investments. While that is certainly one option, anyone who has been in Forex for a while knows that the more investment capital you put on the line, the greater your risk of loss.

By using the techniques in the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots, you can achieve a significant return on your investments, AND leverage that success to get a further guaranteed return from your subscribers.

>> Visit the official Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots website <<

Essentially, you will be providing pre-configurations for optimizing other people’s bots based on your successful settings. While this is certainly no guarantee for your subscribers long term, many of them can expect respectable short-term gains. Since it is a subscription based service, you’ll pledge to continue to update them with new settings.

Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots Facts

So the guide is a two-pronged approach that can help:

1. Provide direction for analyzing current trends and identifying successful trading parameters for your robots. Keep in mind ANY gains can be leveraged through subscribers, so you can gain customers with very modest returns – even if they are over relatively short periods of time.

2. Teach you the strategies, and techniques to locate markets of hungry buyers for your successful bot investment configurations.

Let’s be clear here though. The power of this program is mostly in step two. Of course, you have to be able to identify successful trading parameters to even get to step two. While the information in the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots is really solid for teaching bot setup, we would not recommend this for anyone who isn’t familiar with using bots in their Forex investment strategies.

That said, if you have even the slightest experience with Forex robots, then the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots may be exactly what you need to take your Forex experience to the next level, and create the financial independence you seek. There are a lot of guides on the market about basic trading concepts, and bot setup but there is nothing that provides the depth of material and information that this guide does.

When we were asked by a reader to provide a Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots review we expected just another crappy get rich quick guide. We’re pleased to say that this is not one of those, but rather a sophisticated and well laid out plan of action for achieving wealth in Forex. We recommend the Guide To Getting Rich With Forex Robots very highly.

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Caesar L.

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Gps Forex Robot Review Tue, 01 Mar 2011 01:19:45 +0000 admin

Gps Forex RobotGps Forex Robot Author : Mark Larsen

Official Website :

Mark Larsen is no slouch in the world of Forex. A real live successful trader with a ton of experience, Mark set out a few short years ago to create the premiere Forex trading bot. In this GPS Forex Robot review, we’ll investigate Mark’s robot, and how it can positively impact your Forex trading account bottom line.

GPS Forex Robot is a nod to automobile makers, and their implementation of Global Positioning Systems to use pin-point satellite systems to precisely identify the location of drivers, and help them navigate the mean streets of the world. Mark claims GPS Forex Robot can provide up to a 98% success rate on trades. That’s simply unheard of in the Foreign Exchange Market.

Gps Forex Robot is the key to your success

With reverse positioning technology, implemented and designed by Antony Kemble and Ronald Kravchuk, Mark further suggests that GPS Forex Robot can minimize the 2% failure rate. That means your lost value can be diminished to the point of effectively being so insignificant that you almost never give it a passing thought. The whole thing is systematically designed to grow your portfolio consistently over time.

And it’s hard to argue with numbers. Keeping in mind that Mark likely had a small number of other test groups running, and only reveals the most compelling ones on his sales page – it’s still easy to see the validity of the success rates for those he does show. Showing accounts with 400% growth over a year shows the astounding upward potential of the GPS Forex Robot.

And while some of these are accounts that started with significant investment risk of several thousand dollars, when you are using a system as well tested and reviewed as GPS Forex Robot, you can take some comfort in knowing there are mechanisms within the bot that help protect your investment risk exposure.

>> Visit the official Gps Forex Robot website <<

Of course, you don’t have to jump in for several thousand bucks either. You can start a lot smaller than that, and still experience consistent growth. It might take you a little longer to achieve your financial goals, but it really isn’t a race, now is it?

Gps Forex Robot – Minimum Risk!

If you are extremely adverse to risk, some people open up several smaller accounts to further diversify their investment portfolios. In a market as volatile as Forex, it’s always a good idea to use capital loss measures to protect your assets. Again, the features of GPS Forex Robot go further than typical bots to minimize losses with cost control measures.

A product with a money back guarantee, GPS Forex Robot is only available to a limited number of people at any one time, so it’s effect is not being diminished by saturation. It has literally years of successful testing for real investors, and test accounts. You owe it to yourself to try it out.

If, like so many you experience incredible sustained gains in your test accounts or portfolios, then the results speak for themselves. If you find you remain stuck in the perpetual 96% of people who fail on Forex, then get your money back.

The final assessment in this GPS Forex Robot review is that it is worth the risk to at least take it for a test drive, and see if it helps you navigate to your desired Forex destination.

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Caesar L.

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Forex Growth Bot Review Tue, 01 Mar 2011 00:59:09 +0000 admin

Forex Growth BotForex Growth Bot Author : Eugene Lipinsky

Official Website :

Forex Growth Bot is a systematic Forex investment strategy and robot built into one. The basic claim of the products creator, Eugene Lipinsky is that it helps minimize risk while creating measurable returns over time for absolutely anyone on any budget. Those are pretty bold claims. But can Forex Growth both hit your financial G-Spot?

Let’s consider the metaphor a little. Assuming you had a consistent strategy that you could easily employ in any trading market, you would obviously be sitting on a cash cow. Knowing you could pump cash into your accounts, and initiate the strategy anytime you want might be quite intoxicating – as would the ROI’s. It would literally be like your investment G-Spot. I can see everybody squirming with excitement already.

Forex Growth Bot is the key to your success

But slow down a little there boss. Assuming there was truth in Eugene’s statements, wouldn’t there be a flood of new users daily that would eventually impact the effect of the bot and the strategy? Theoretically, yes – but in practicality no because most people don’t believe there is ANY way to effectively balance profit/loss on such varying scales with simple strategies.

The truth is, as Eugene’s customer suggest that the overall trend of using the software is minimal losses overshadowed by some big periodic gains. Even the direct sales statistics on the sales page for Forex Growth Bot demonstrate that Eugene’s original trading account with $250 experienced primarily numerous low losses but an upward account growth trend sustained by the occasional solid gains.

>> Visit the official Forex Growth Bot website <<

That flies in direct contrast to the experience of most traders who often experience a decent number of gains but get hit with HUGE losses offsetting the gains, and leaving them with a generally diminished trading account value.

So what is it that creates the consistent results of so many Forex Growth Bot users?

Forex Growth Bot Positivity

There is no one element of the basic strategy Eugene’s bot employs that is specifically responsible for the overall positive results. Instead, it is the combined use of sophisticated stop loss, information protection mechanisms, and basic capital management that has been specifically designed to ensure minimal risk AND consistent return.

If you could isolate out one element, it would likely be the manner with which the system ensures that no one trade exceeds a maximum loss value that would take the accounts outside the market conditions the bot knows it can work within. Pretty smart, although that is of course an overly simplistic view of what Eugene has put together in the Forex Growth Bot.

So now you have an idea of the concepts employed by the bot, and the system. Unfortunately, nobody can directly answer the question of whether or not Eugene’s system will work for you. As you know Forex can be an extremely volatile market, and you are always taking a risk with your investments. It is comforting however to know that so many people have had success with Forex Growth Bot.

Since it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, you can evaluate it totally risk-free and see it provides the kind of sustained growth you are looking for in your Forex trading accounts. Give it a shot. We think you will be pleased with your overall results.

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Caesar L.

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The Forex Signals Review Mon, 28 Feb 2011 01:01:01 +0000 admin

The Forex SignalsThe Forex Signals Authors : Bob Iaccino & Vladimir Ribakov

Official Website :

These guys put a unique spin on trading Forex. See if their competitive style creates a stronger trading platform in this Forex Signals review.

Anyone who knows anything about Forex is familiar with the basic idea of signals. In trading, generally signals are major indicators and markers of potential earnings opportunities. Given the leverage opportunities Forex presents, being able to capitalize on strong signals can really set a trader apart from their peers, and make for a hugely profitable trade portfolio.

The Forex Signals – Key to your success ?

There are a ton of “signals” services on the market all touting their special algorithms and advanced analytics capacities, but in the end most of these remain basic tip services. Let’s be honest here. Reading a chart is a decent skill, but most experienced traders are already familiar with typical buy/sell indicators. You need something that can provide a systematic approach to trading AND be signals based.

That’s where Tom Strignano and Vladimir Ribakov come in. The Forex Signals is a service these highly renowned and experienced advisors created. It is essentially a contest between the two of them.

It works like this:

You receive suggested trade information from each of them based off of their individual investment approaches. This provides diversity in the quality and scope of information you receive. You can choose to execute trades based on the recommendation of either advisor, or to simply sit a series out. For the hardcore traders, you will gain access to a bot you can program to execute trades on your behalf. So go bowling if you want, or just sit down and watch a game.

>> Visit The Forex Signals official website <<

While you are enjoying your local sports team dominating their competition, you can be experiencing your own phenomenal success in Forex.

That is the theory anyway. But DOES this competitive approach actually yield more consistent or better trading results?

Surprisingly, the flaw in that question is what reveals the truth through this Forex Signals review. Think about it. If we simply analyzed the results of traders who either listened strictly to Tom, or to Vladimir, we would simply be evaluating which of the two of them has a better track record. I believe each of their respective records speak for themselves.

The Forex Signals importance ?

The real value in The Forex Signals is not just in the competitive aspects. It is in the very different styles that Tom and Vladimir have, and in different and unique perspectives often on similar buys. That means you get to hear diversity of opinions about not only what trades you should execute, but also about your general approach to trading.

You can basically watch in real time as two guys with different strategies who look for different signals in the markets take you by the hand, and show you how to identify potentially successful trades, and how to iron out YOUR investment strategy.

For a lot of The Forex Signals customers, it isn’t just direct trading suggestions that is most valuable, but rather it is hearing the thought processes involved in analyzing the trade opportunities. Sure, making successful trades puts money in your pocket often in the here and now, but the information exchanging hands daily by way of The Forex Signals is preparing their members to keep executing successful trades.

Of course, nothing is flawless in Forex, but for my money – The Forex Signals can prepare the average trader to do far better than they likely would have going it alone. Ultimately, The Forex Signals review suggests it is a worthy purchase for most investors.

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Caesar L.

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Leo Trader Pro Review Mon, 28 Feb 2011 00:28:06 +0000 admin

Leo Trader ProLeo Trader Pro Author : The Leo Trader Team

Official Website :

Leo Trader Pro is a Forex investment platform that exceeds the typical capacity of Forex bots to produce successful results. They claim to have a totally unique approach to automating the investment strategies. In that sense, they go against the grain of old-school bots, and separate themselves from the endless list of useless Forex trading bots. We will see if Leo Trader pro is actually a lion in the Forex world in this Leo Trader Pro review.

Have you ever used a typical Forex trading bot? Any success?

Leo Trader Pro is the key to your success

Most people have a very negative experience with these types of bots due to inadequacies in their design. You read that right. The overwhelming majority of people who have used bots for Forex trading have lost most or all of their trading accounts thanks to the “systems” they employed.

One thing that always get me about any investment opportunity is that people KNOW that past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future success. Yet, the argument of most bots is that in either real or test trading accounts, they have long-standing successful results.

>> Visit the official Leo Trader Pro website <<

So you spring out for a a couple hundred to a thousand bucks for a bot. Then you load it up into your accounts, and it makes some money for a while, and then craps out. Worse still, sometimes it totally loses your investment right out of the gates. Sound familiar?

And we’re guessing you have possibly been through this experience more than once. It’s time to realize it is a design flaw causing your losses, and make a course correction to an alternate approach. In the end, it doesn’t matter why those other bots failed. It only matters if Leo Trader Pro can succeed, right?

The thing is that by analyzing the short-comings of preceding bot systems, Leo Trader Pro has already implemented the course corrections you need to achieve your Forex goals. For the most part, the problem with other bots is that they are statically programmed to take specific actions no matter how certain market conditions change.

Why is Leo Trader Pro different ?

By creating a neural network of bot systems all intertwined, Leo Trader Pro is more versatile than other bots, and that’s how it consistently churns out results for its users. Most Forex bots cannot think on the fly, and adapt to market conditions they weren’t programmed to evaluate. That’s what sets Leo Trader Pro apart from Forex robots altogether.

The scope or resources involved in the Leo Trader Pro platform, and it’s versatility in adapting to market conditions make it a prime investment for anyone aggressively trading in the Foreign Exchange Markets, and is worthwhile to consider for smaller players looking to grow their investment portfolios.

When you think about Leo Trader Pro, don’t think about it as a robot. It’s complexity and neural net programming give it a robust investment strategy that adapts to the changing market environment, and help protect your investments. It’s a leg up in the incredibly hectic Forex markets, and may make the difference in your Forex trades. It’s your business. Do you want to be a lion or a lamb?

Click Here for additional details on Leo Trader Pro

Caesar L.

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Forex Ambush 2.0 Fri, 22 Oct 2010 04:41:29 +0000 admin

Forex Ambush 2.0Official Website :

Forex Ambush 2.0 is one of the best signal providers that I’ve seen available to the forex market. They provide the most accurate forex signals that can accredit you with thousands of dollars and hundreds of pips.

They will send you all the convenient buy/sell signals and all you have to do is follow them and make some profitable trades. They also have an option that allows you to get the signals through e-mail or SMS.

You will get instructions on choosing the right currency pair, how much you should invest and when you should place your stops. Forex Ambush 2.0 is not a robot or any other software generating signals, this is a signal provider, which is a big difference.

Forex Ambush 2.0 is the key to your success

You will get all the information you need from them, but they won’t be able to place trades for you or automate any of the process. You have to be able to put the trades manually, based on their advice. There’s nothing complicated with Forex Ambush 2.0, it’s just that you need more time to do it.

Based on my experience, being able to have some control over your trading experience and money is a good thing. It is mostly impossible for you to go wrong if you follow their directions exactly and this surely is a system that can bring in some decent amount of profits.

>> Visit The Official Forex Ambush 2.0 Website <<

What else does Forex Ambush 2.0 offer ? Let’s see :

  • Customer Support available 24/7.
  • Delivers forex signals through twitter, email and sms.
  • The installations process is very simple.
  • It adapts to any market condition.
  • Generates more than 150% of monthly profits.
  • It does not require any previous forex knowledge.

Forex Ambush 2.0 basically walks you through all of the necessary steps you need to make for placing some good trades which means that you don’t need to be an expert forex trader or have any previous experience. This product has been developed by 31 experienced traders with a total cost of over $2 million.

Newcomers as well as expert traders can benefit from from the use of this program. If you are not sure about what the results will be you can always test it on a demo account to see what are the benefits of using this amazing service. Based on my results and all the good feedback from the forex community I absolutely recommend it to you.

Click Here for additional details on Forex Ambush 2.0

Caesar L.

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Fam Drone Review Wed, 20 Oct 2010 04:32:14 +0000 admin

FAM DroneFam Drone Author : Zach Cardell

Official Website :

This is a new forex robot that trades using the popular EUR/USD currency pair. It works no matter how bad or good the market conditions are and catches the trends as they take place.

The system behind this software is a combination of multiple complicated trading strategies. Its developers have taken this new tool through a lot of back tests before releasing it to the markets.

They claim this is an unique technology that can easily predict and adapt to the trades. It works with the MetaTrader4 or 5 trading platform and it does not require any manual intervention. This robot is not built on theory but facts.

Fam Drone can be the key to your success

After you download this software and start using it you will see almost instant results. All you need is a computer that you can keep online 24/7 and a good internet connection. It doesn’t require any previous forex knowledge or experience from your side.

This is a tool created and adapted to the recent economy which as we know got a little “messy” after the recession. You don’t have to worry much about the ups and downs, Fam Drone knows exactly when to enter and exit a trade based on its predictions.

>> Visit The Official Fam Drone Website <<

What else does Fam Drone offer ? Let’s see :

  • 24/7 Customer Support available through live chat and e-mail.
  • It is very easy to install and set-up.
  • Works with the MetaTrader4 and 5 trading platform.
  • Places trades on complete auto-pilot.
  • Free Monthly Updates.
  • Free manuals and video tutorials.

The main objective of Fam Drone is to make you profits. This is a machine that doesn’t know what stress mean and it won’t fall into the human error trap. If you don’t know much about the forex markets and want a software that can eliminate your indecision you might wanna choose this tool.

If you want to have more time with your family and don’t want to worry about sitting countless hours in front of your computer or even if you plan on quitting your daily job I absolutely recommend this robot to you. If you fear this EA doesn’t work you can always test it on a demo account and based on the results you get to decide if you want to go with real money.

Click Here for additional details on Fam Drone

Caesar L.

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Pips Reserve Review Wed, 20 Oct 2010 03:10:09 +0000 admin

Pips ReservePips Reserve Author : John Wang

Official Website :

This is one of the latest and most effective forex robots created by JW and made available to the traders. It has been designed to work for new and experienced forex traders as well.

This is not just another robot promising overnight getting rich schemes and selling you a dream basically. John is very serious about his business and tries to create a long-term relationship with his clients.

Pips Reserve is a modern trading tool that will help you earn some good money and teach you how to become a better forex trader. There might be a lot of potential earning forex strategies but the truth is that you need wise money management.

Pips Reserve can be the key to your success

This new Expert Advisor can be easily integrable into your MetaTrader platform. It will take about ten to fifteen minutes to get it set-up and done after which it will start working for you completely on auto-pilot  bringing in constant profits.

There is no need for you to do other than look for your earnings after you start this software. It will monitor the forex market for money-making trades and it will enter than exit them automatically. All you need is a good computer that you can keep online 24/7.

>> Visit The Official Pips Reserve Website <<

What else does Pips Reserve offer ? Let’s see :

  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Dedicated Customer Support available 24/7.
  • It is very easy to install.
  • Works with the MetaTrader4 trading platform.
  • Comes with high spread protection.
  • It sends trade alerts on your e-mail.

You won’t need any previous forex knowledge to make use of this program, its features can be simple or a little bit more advanced for expert traders so it suits both needs. You also get to choose when and how your robot is going to exit trades, giving you better control over your money.

Pips Reserve has a very low risk ratio as it doesn’t allow to lose more than 5% on any trade. The team behind this project, leaded by John Wang invested more than 10 years of their personal experience and work for its creation. Research is the key on developing such tools. If you want you can always test it on a practice account and see its benefits before going for real-money.

Click Here for additional details on Pips Reserve

Caesar L.

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Forex Outbreak Review Mon, 18 Oct 2010 22:39:40 +0000 admin

Forex OutbreakForex Outbreak Author : Andy Shumer

Official Website :

This is one of the newest Expert Advisors available to the market. You can use it to trade using multiple currency pairs and you will see instant results, as once you start it it will generate numerous trades per day.

With unique strategies and custom designed indicators, this is a tool that smart traders will surely make use of. Due to numerous rough tests and optimizations it delivers great results no matter how unstable today’s markets are.

The work on your side is mostly Zero, as Forex Outbreak does it all for you. It defines indicators, analyzes the market and knows exactly when to buy and sell currency for the highest profits. All you need is a personal computer and an internet connection to start making use of it.

Forex Outbreak can be the key to your success

Forex Robots have become essential tools for investing in today’s traders lives. This is because it helps them a lot on automating their way to the top. As a result of this, in the last few years demand for this kind of forex trading software has been constantly growing.

You can put Forex Outbreak at work in just a few minutes after which you can forget about it. Leave your computer on and come at your desk from time to time to check for the profits. You don’t have to be a forex market expert or have any previous forex knowledge.

>> Visit The Official Forex Outbreak Website <<

What else does Forex Outbreak offer ? Let’s see :

  • Free Monthly Updates.
  • It can trade using multiple currency pairs.
  • It is compatible with MetaTrader4 and 5.
  • It is compatible with most forex brokers.
  • Offers Free Lifetime Support.
  • Comes with useful manuals and training videos.

The developers behind this robot are very serious about it. They will provide at least one monthly update for their software. They also have a cool feature that enables you to receive signals directly to your e-mail address. You can find some proof of their statements and earnings on their website.

You shouldn’t expect to become a multimillionaire overnight but I can assure you Forex Outbreak can bring some decent amount of money in your pockets if you follow some simple money management rules. And of course you can test its capabilities on a practice account before deciding to go for a Real Money one.

Click Here for additional details on Forex Outbreak

Caesar L.

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Forex Ultimate System Review Mon, 18 Oct 2010 20:34:12 +0000 admin

Forex Ultimate SystemForex Ultimate System Author : Bob Iaccino

Official Website :

With the help of his team, Bob Iaccino has recently built this fresh signal providing service. They are sending trading signals to their members 24 hours a day and they receive them almost instantly, in just about 1.5 seconds.

That is a huge opportunity for the traders, as they can take fast decisions based on the signal provided. You have the option of starting the trade on a demo account, on a live account or just do nothing and watch, without taking any actions.

These signals will be provided to your personal computer through a simple software. I must mention that Iaccino has appeared on various TV channels like Fox Business Channel, CNBC and Bloombers. He is a well known and reputable forex analyst.

Forex Ultimate System can bring you success

The information and teachings you will get after buying this system will give you a clear picture of what forex trading is and a safe way to achieve the most out of it without having to worry about legal threats. If you are a newbie it will help you become an expert trader in a short time.

Trading Signals are actually some of the best tools available to a trader, as they give you strong information on what is actually happening to the markets and what is the move you should make, giving you total control over it. As you might already know robots don’t have this benefit, as they automatically take decisions on your behalf.

>> Visit The Official Forex Ultimate System Website <<

What else does Forex Ultimate System offer ? Let’s see :

  • 24/7 Live Customer Support available.
  • Free Lifetime Updates.
  • Lots of powerful training videos.
  • A detailed instructions manual.
  • It supports all major currency pairs.
  • Video interviews with top forex traders.

The owner of Forex Ultimate System is not providing you only the signals but he is also teaching you the strategies he’s been using to achieve such a great success and of course, profits. He’s got more than 17 years of professional trading and coaching experience behind.

Forex Ultimate System works no matter what currency you are trading with or what are the market conditions. Many full time traders are using it to make big amounts of money online. From its release to this day it received lots of positive feedback and satisfactory customer testimonials. I absolutely recommend it to you if you want to get serious about this business.

Click Here for additional details on Forex Ultimate System

Caesar L.

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